All contractors are needed, all are important

Let’s take a look at the order in which you should choose contractors like Tara Weddings to make your wedding as beautiful and memorable as possible. These notes will allow you to better organize your wedding.

Immediately I say that I consider the option on the photo and video side because it is the photos, film and video clip display your entire wedding, the level of professionalism of all. Therefore, the choice of each contractor should be coordinated with the photographer and video operator.  Let’s begin.

Photographer and videographer

Photographer and videographer. If you did not choose them first, and all the rest you have not chosen on the recommendation of the photographer and video operator may be a problem, the entire wedding and contractors may not be consistent work, do not know each other, do you need this?

Wedding Photographer Toronto – photo in smoke.

Photographer and Toronto wedding videographer with experience 5-10 years saw how to work probably about 100 presenters, your friends who advise the presenter, as a rule, saw only 1-2 not more. Photographers can advise and Registry, which is the most beautiful photos are obtained, the leading who at the banquet puts all the beautiful on-camera, and you will eventually get a beautiful photo and video. A restaurant that is inexpensive and bright, not dark and awful with waiters who even when congratulating parents can pass and stand in front of the cameraman, blocking the shooting. The wedding photographer and videographer are your eyes and ears that have seen and heard a lot. Choosing your photographer and videographer first and listening to their recommendations is the key to successful photos and videos.

If photos and videos are secondary to your wedding, you can look for wedding contractors in any other order.

Wedding Presenter

Many presenters at a banquet place guests as he or she pleases. He himself becomes the back of the photo and video, puts everyone else as well. If you chose the first presenter, and he offers you his familiar photographers, video. Leading, as a rule, absolutely all the same as you get video and photos, it’s not his job. His job is to hold a holiday, respectively, to get an adequate recommendation on the photo video from him is very unlikely. Most likely, he will give you just a list of friends and that’s all, it’s convenient to work with all. Not a single presenter has not seen the final result of the photographer or video operator, even the clips did not watch most likely, just a list will provide.


If you chose your own presenter and music, prepare for surprises. Music – it will be good, of course. Sound – as a rule, all video operators make a sound recording from the remote to a separate device and use this recording when editing the wedding. If the deejay has an old remote, bad equipment, constantly something comes off. Recording sound especially congratulations will only work on a camera microphone with a lot of extraneous sounds, cymbals, noise. Also, you should realize that with this recording, your guests should definitely speak into the microphone for better quality and not just hold it in your hand from a distance. Recording sound from a remote doesn’t guarantee quality sound, as a videographer isn’t responsible for DJ’s work and doesn’t know what he or she twists and turns on a remote there. Often you get ruined sound, wheezing, hissing, going off – all because the remote is not set up, poor quality equipment. Here you should understand that you need to work as a video operator and provide quality recording only with DJs who are already proven.


As already written earlier, if you choose a restaurant with close seating and dark lighting, you’ll just get a slightly worse photo than in a bright restaurant. A video operator in a tightly seated guests will not be able to shoot at all or wading through the chairs will be seen shaking the camera. And the most important trick is the waiters, who are also on the job, but they may consider their job above the operator’s. In some restaurants and even expensive ones, they brazenly appear only at toasts and purposely walk and stand in front of the camera. The waiter, who can put the cake backwards, after taking out the cake stand and close the camera and many other things. If you need all this you can safely choose a restaurant without a photographer and video operator recommendations.

Wedding curators and agencies.

If the agency does everything, you can get well-coordinated work. But if you ordered one service in the agency and photo and video separately, then everything turns out as described above.

In any case, the wedding video and wedding photos from the walk get perfect, only the photographer and video operator work here, everything that is written above applies only to the banquet part. You should understand that the banquet part takes up most of the work time when ordering photos and videos for the whole day.