Video shooting without editing, advantages and disadvantages

Today we live in a world of digital literacy (you could even say that). Almost everyone can use applications, programs of all kinds. Just 10 years ago, video editing was available only to professionals and people who are fond of video editing. Today, almost everyone who knows how to use social networking can easily try themselves as a video editor.

Video editing programs today are so easy, all you have to do is click the mouse to edit the video, trim and crop the video, substitute music and save the result as a clip.

See an example of video edited in Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas tutorial

Download a free video tutorial

I think you all understand the advantages, is that you can make your own music video and film just the way you want.

The disadvantages – still need to spend some time to study the program, and time today is very expensive, so sometimes it’s better to order everything from a professional and not think about editing a clip, film.

In any case, shooting without editing is a reason to save money on video shooting in general. If you suddenly realized that you can’t do the editing yourself, you can order this service separately at any time.

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