Wedding Gift Options

There are several groups of gifts that can be given to the newlyweds:

1. Traditional.

Cookware has always been considered a great option for a gift to the newlyweds. In the past, it was customary to give a set of pots, pans or cutlery. Nowadays, however, tableware has been pushed back by various appliances. In second place in popularity are bedclothes, blankets or pillows.

If the giver is not very close to the young and has no idea about their tastes, a great option for a gift will be a classic tea set.

2. Gift of money

Most people are uncomfortable presenting money as a gift, believing that it is bad manners. Such an opinion has long since become obsolete. Now at a wedding, a monetary gift is considered very common. In this case, the young people are able to independently decide what these funds will be spent.

If there is a desire to give a monetary and memorable gift, you can present a couple with a certificate, the type of which depends on their interests:

– building and furniture products – for couples planning to live in their own apartment;

– sports accessories – for fans of active sports;

– children’s store – for those who are waiting for a new addition to the family;

– jewelry store;

– boat trip;

– dinner at a restaurant.

3. Gift of your own hands

Things made by hand, look very touching and stay in memory for a long time. You can make an unusual card or greeting in the form of a slide show.

If the giver is endowed with a talent for dancing or singing – it’s time to show it. In addition, a great option for a gift would be a candy-fruit bouquet or a joint photo of the newlyweds on t-shirts or mugs.

4. A parent’s gift

Almost all couples dream of receiving an apartment, a car or a trip to the wedding journey for the celebration from their parents. But not all parents have the opportunity to present this. Of course, you can give two laptops, which are always useful.

When giving a monetary gift, you should adhere to the main rule – the amount of money given by the parents should be greater than the amount given by at least one of the invitees. At the same time, it is better to make the gift of money more interesting, for example, to build some figures from banknotes.

Presentation of money in the obligatory order should pass in solemn conditions and be accompanied by warm wishes.

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