Setting a date and time for your wedding ceremony

Setting a date for the wedding ceremony makes the event real and tangible for the spouses-to-be and for all the guests. The uncertainty of the past is replaced by a specific, inexorably approaching calendar date that everyone should have a lot to do. Perhaps the young couple would like to time their wedding to a certain day, but before making a final and irrevocable decision, it is necessary to take into consideration a number of important considerations.

The time of year.

Most often weddings take place in June, September, August, May, October and July. However, the peak of the wedding season in different parts of the country falls on different months. During this period, all the rates for consultants, vendors and restaurateurs are much higher than during the rest of the year. And in order to rent a hall, you need to reserve it well in advance of the intended celebration. It is also possible that you can save a lot of money if you decide to get married at a different time.

If the young people intend to also marry in the church, then the choice of the date is also influenced by such important factors as the church calendar and church holidays. For example, some religions place serious restrictions on wedding ceremonies on the most sacred days, such as Lent and holy days. Before setting a specific date, you will need to consult with a clergyman or your spiritual advisor.

If there will be many out-of-town guests at the wedding, it is important to consider national holidays and traditional vacation times as well, because then hotel accommodations and train or plane tickets cost considerably more. A wedding celebration with a trip to the countryside or to another city during mass vacations or school vacations can be very expensive for absolutely all participants.

When choosing a date, you should also keep the honeymoon period in mind. September may be a great time to get married, but for a honeymoon trip somewhere warm, this month is not very suitable. True, only if the newlyweds do not like tropical storms, sweltering heat and terrifying humidity. If you want to go to some exotic corner of the southern hemisphere, it is important to remember that the seasons there are the opposite of the North.

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