The choice of the photographer

The choice of the photographer is not less important than the dresses, it depends on the person how the day will be depicted

Prices of photographers in Toronto

1. Price. The prices of photographers in Toronto have a pretty wide range. Of course, the choice of photographer comes from the budget of your wedding. You should not choose the most expensive. More expensive does not always mean better. Many photographers include in the package additional options, such as discounts at a certain time, day of the week, free pre-wedding photo session Love story.


2. Portfolio. When searching for a photographer, you should pay special attention to the work of applicants. Every self-respecting photographer has his own website with examples of his work, the works are presented on a page in a social network. When looking at the portfolio, you should draw conclusions after viewing 3-4 different weddings, and that way you will be able to make an objective choice. The main thing is that you can understand if the style of the photographer is suitable for you.

Personal meeting

An in-person meeting. After price agreement, portfolio review. You stopped your choice on a certain photographer. Do not be afraid, make an appointment for a personal meeting to discuss ideas, style, details of the photoshoot. Remember the main thing, the photographer should not impose their vision on your photoshoot. He should take into account the wishes, ideas and suggestions that will help bring it to life. Choosing your wedding photographer, you will not be disappointed in your choice. The photos will become the property of your family for a long time.

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